Monday, April 30, 2007

so i just finished watching about a boy for about the millionth time and stick by my words: movies can make everything better. They reset the mood, and clean the palate just like ginger between maki rolls or the melon sherbet that accompanies a cheese plate.

Sometimes though, the movie needs to be new. Watching a movie for the millionth time feels familiar. I notice new things, watch it in a new context etc. but... nothing really beats taking in a new character, a new thought.

There's no real concrete no fail module that always works in filling the void as you say goodbye to friends who may disappear for years on end. There's no, no fail method to get your head back in the game. To focus. To say okay: for the next twenty-four hours life and all the things going on in my world and the world in general take second place to my academics. To rules and regulations. To handing things in on time.

also- i watched the commentary this time round- never really do that- inspiring- why? because my favorite type of drama consists of walking the line between comedy and tragedy. I love art that makes me laugh and makes me cry. Humor is my favorite lens for life and I love movies that go there. I love movies and people wrapped in sarcasm and filled with hope. People who recognize absurdity and keep trying to fight the good fight- hay que luchar en la vida- people who recognize the drama- the challenges- and aren't afraid to laugh.
or cry.
Long live comedy.
The ultimate cleaner of palates and teacher of wit.

long live Thornton Wilder's refugee's
long live W;t's heroine
long live Bernard Shaw,
Oscar Wild,
and Nick Hornby.
Long live Kim Cattrall in Who's Life is it Anyway.
George Saunders, Leonard Cohen-
the list could go on...

the end.
be safe.

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