Tuesday, May 1, 2007

ironically, after writing a post that discussed the wonders of art that walks the line between tragedy and comedy, I realized I neglected to mention that many movies fall short.

How exactly is Me and You and Everyone We Know a comedy?
A perverted middle aged woman kissing a little boy is not funny- neither is a fat old man "talking dirty" to two teenage sexually curious girls. They are kids, not consenting adults. It's tragic. The film shows the wide range in human nature. No one really gets hurt but... is this really funny?

It's only sad because it happens. Kids get roped into sexual conversations when they're too young to understand what they're saying, or what the older "should know better" adult really means.

I love movies that explore the various levels of human nature but what is the message in this movie? How can confused kids being exploited ever be beautiful or funny?


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kylebeabo said...

Hey Carla, write more posts! :-P