Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's amazing how a relationship with one person can hurt in so many different ways. Maybe it's not always the people who hurt each other, but the situations they are in. I think I heard insanity defined once as doing the same action repeatedly while expecting a different result. If two individuals try to date each other repeatedly over the years and it never seems to work out, wouldn't it be unlikely that the situation would improve... unless the reasons why the relationship didn't work out were no longer factors. So what happens if these people try to be friends, instead of being romantically involved, but a romantic situation forms as a result of the friendship? It would still be insane and hurtful to try to date said individual again, right? And since I am not insane, I choose not to date the individual, but choosing not to date a guy that I love over and over again is not fun. So what does one do? Not see exes at all? Not become friends? But that's sad too. Why can't I have all the people I love in my life?

But why would I get involved with someone who always leaves me feeling like this?
When he's in my life I want to throw everything else away. How does that even happen to an intelligent, ambitious person?

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